If you are building any sort of project in Unity, you probably stopped buying into Unity's """performance by default""" marketing gimmick long time ago.

In fact, you have to put extra time and dollars to fight low frame-rate, long loading times and crashes because they affect user reviews and your profits.

And it's frustrating because these metrics should be green by default to help your company acquire and retain users. But they aren't.

After working decades on high-profile Unity projects as a performance specialist, I know first-hand the cost in time and resources of last-minute performance optimization work.

Pouring time and dollars into fixing performance bottlenecks seems to only bring marginal improvements. And this makes you miss deadlines, lose your money and worse, damage your reputation.

I worked with 20+ studios such as Wooga, XR Bootcamp, Unity, Forcefield XR, Ubisoft, Schell Games through my Unity consulting career. And making multiple AAA projects with over 40 million players helped me realize how much performance metrics affects your user reviews and therefore your profits.

That’s why I help studios optimize and develop high-performing Unity projects.

My help will let you reach your performance target within days instead of months, freeing up expensive engineering resources that you can now invest in the gameplay features that finally make your game sell.

Be aware that my fees start at €4000, so most small studios cannot afford them (if that’s your case, check out my free optimization content on the website).

If you want me to help you get your project to perform at rock-solid FPS without wasting more resources, apply for the Optimization Fast Track below*

* Limited spots available - first come first serve

TheGameDev.Guru Guarantee

I only work with clients whom I can truly help. The results of my work are guaranteed.

Ruben Torres Bonet

Founder & Unity Consultant @TheGameDev.Guru

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Meet Ruben's Unity Consulting Team

Ruben Torres Bonet

Founder & Unity Performance Consultant

Unity performance optimization consultant, speaker, founder, Unity Insider & instructor at https://thegamedev.guru

I help studios optimize their Unity projects to pass publishing standards and literally eradicate nasty reviews complaining about low performance and crashes. I tackle performance metrics that influence user acquisition, retention and monetization.

My clients: Schell Games (Among Us VR, Holoride), Poncle (Vampire Hunters), ?? (Thrill of the Fight 2), Cycligent (CADE Sport), Gamovation, EXAR Studios, Gamious, Holodia, Interior Night, Vertigo Games Amsterdam, Next Wave Inc, Halfbrick Studios, XR Bootcamp, UbiSim, 5150 Games and (many) more undisclosed companies.

Running the www.PerformanceTaskforce.com membership and more optimization programs with thousands of students from over 30 different countries.


High-Performance Artist & Programmer Hybrid

Award-winning digital content creator and designer.

Over 25 years of experience in information technology, software development, and design in multiple mediums.

Leading-edge technology has always been the driving factor creating solutions for industries including entertainment, manufacturing, financial services, and architecture.

Now, with his focus on the games industry, he maintains Unity Certified Expert Programmer status to continue pushing the boundaries of performance.


High-Performance Game Programmer

A mathematician by training, holding a PhD in Geometric Control theory, Ross has always had a passion for solving hard problems. After starting his career as a data scientist, Ross moved into VR development for enterprise, creating VR safety training and complex machinery training applications in Unity.

He has 7 years of Unity experience, and now works in game development, helping clients port their games to all the VR and console platforms out there. All this work has led to a passion for optimization and wanting to understand how Unity really works under the hood!


High-Performance Game Programmer

Karan has spent many years with Unity, specializing in performance optimization, 3D multiplayer and editor scripting.

He particularly likes optimization because it is the perfect excuse to spend weekends understanding the underlying systems in deph.

His ultimate: dissecting and understanding complex code. Plus, contributing to assets such as Roslyn compiler, Easy Save, CBS Playfab, Mirage & Mirror.


High-Performance Physics Programmer

Kemal has developed a multitude of niche unity projects over the past decade ranging from medical simulations to AR apps for Fortune 500 companies.

He has a genuine interest in calculus and physics. So running physics simulations within a tight performance budget is part of his daily diet.

Give him enough coffee and he'll convert your ideas into a playable experience.


High-Performance Game Programmer/Artist

30 years of experience in the field shows: Maurizio has been managing and executing on the entire game production process for quite a while now. From game design to art, audio, development, testing, and deployment.

Maurizio began his journey as a game developer at a very young age, with a strong passion for 3D and computer graphics. Over the years, he's worked with multiple languages and systems, plus his passion for games adds an extra layer of creativity and drive to everything he does.


Aspiring High-Performance Game Programmer

"I'm still fighting for this contractor opening!"


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